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McDade ISD – Long Range Facility Study – Fromberg Associates, Ltd.

Public Responses – Community Conversations Meetings – January 7th & 8th, 2020

Landowner's Bill of Rights (Property Code, §21.0112(b)(2), as amended by HB 1495 (80th Legislature) – Requires a school district to make available, if technologically feasible, on its Internet website a landowner's bill of rights prepared by the Attorney General.Landowner's Bill of Rights

Community Relations - Non-School Use of School Facilities - GKD (Local)
Community Relations - Conduct on School Premises -
GKA (Legal)

Annual Asbestos Management Plan – ​Public Notice

24/7 Crisis Hotline-Adults and Youth (Bluebonnet Trails Community Services) 1-800-841-1255