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Heather Stidham, SuperintendentSuperintendent’s Contract (FIRST, Title 19 Administrative Code, §109.1005(b)(2)(A)) – allows the publication of the superintendent’s contract on the district’s website in lieu of submitting it in the district’s annual financial management report. 

The Superintendent’s Contract is entered into by the Board of Trustees of the McDade Independent School District and Heather Stidham. The current contract, referenced below, is in effect from February 1, 2022 through June 30, 2025. 

More details regarding the contract are available at the Central Administration Building through the Human Resources Manager.

Superintendent’s Approved Contract 2022 – Heather Stidham


McDade Independent School District

Elementary Campus

Amanda Hankemeier, Principal

512-273-2522 EXT 1318

McDade Independent School District

Secondary Campus

Gina Sanders, Principal

512-273-2522 EXT 1302


Mirabeau B. Lamar served as the second president of the Republic of Texas from 1838-1841. He was a Freemason and is known by some as “The Father of Texas Education.” Lamar believed that Texas greatness rested on the establishment of public education. Following Lamar’s lead, the Congress passed education acts in 1839 and 1840. These acts granted each county 17,712 acres of land to support public schools. The government also set aside 231,000 acres for the future establishment of two public universities. 

The Lamar Award of Excellence was established in 1988, under the leadership of Grand Master Graham Childress. The Lamar Medal is awarded to students and educators in recognition of outstanding personal achievement in academics, citizenship, community service, or sports. We extend out congratulations to the following recipients of the Lamar Award of Excellence for the 2021-2022 school year: Anna Rother (student), Christian Johnson (student), Darla Jackson (teacher), John Pedersen (teacher), and Lisa Schmidt (teacher). 



McDade Independent School District, as a local governmental entity, is subject to the requirements of the Texas Public Information Act

All requests must be submitted in writing and should contain: Your name, Address, Phone Number, and Email, if available, and a description of the information and/or document being requested. To help expedite requests, please be specific in what you are requesting. 

All requests must be sent as follows:

  • By email: Subject heading should read “Public Information Request” or “Open Records Request.” All requests by email should be directed to this email address only. Requests sent to any other email address will not be considered a valid request and will ot trigger the timeframe required by the TPIA.
  • By mail
    • McDade Independent School District
    • Public Information Request
    • Attention: Central Office
    • P. O. Box 400
    • McDade, Texas 78650
  • By Fax: (512) 273-2101
  • In Person: 156 Marlin Street, McDade, Texas 78650

McDade Independent School District works to meet information requests in compliance with state and federal laws. To the extent possible, requests are handled in the order they are received. By law, McDade ISD has ten (10) business days to determine whether or not to seek an Attorney General’s ruling regarding information that may be exempted from public disclosure. 

For more information about the Texas Public Information Act, please click HERE.

Texas Public Information Handbook


 Texas and Federal Law Requires School District that Maintain an Internet Website to Publish Campus Report Card, Performance Report, District Ratings (Education Code, §39.362) – HB 3 - 81st Legislature: Campus Report Card, Performance Report, District Ratings (Education Code, §39.362) – HB 3 81st Legislature: Public Notice of Accreditation Status of McDade ISD


ESSA – Every Student Succeeds Act

ESSA - Notification of Parents of Teacher/Paraprofessional Qualifications

ESSA – Notificacion a los Padres que el Estudiante es Ensenado por un Maestro No Certificado

Texas Education Agency – State Compensatory Education

Notice Regarding Ability to Refuse Entry or Eject Certain Persons and Appeals Process


  • The District of Innovation concept was passed into law by the 84th Legislature (2015) through House Bill 1842, which was codified in Texas Education Code Chapter 12A. The designation allows school districts to access many of the same options that are currently available to charter schools. 

    Despite its name, this designation does not allow McDade Independent School District to be overly innovative, or to make changes in areas related to curriculum, graduation requirements, governance, academic and financial accountability, and much more. For more information about Districts of Innovation, see information from the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Association of School Boards.

    McDade ISD has completed the process of renewing our District of Innovation Plan for 2023-2028 school years. This plan contains the following exemptions:

    • First Day of Instruction
    • Teacher Certification
    • Minimum Service Required
    • Teacher Probationary Contracts
    • Retire / Rehire Minimum Salary
    • Teacher Appraisal
    • Local School Health Advisory Council
    • Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 4 Class Size Reporting Requirement
    • Transfer Policy
    • Grade Level Certification
    • College / University Days
    • DAEP (Certified Teacher, Separate from Other Students, Altered Daily Schedule)
    • DAEP (Suspensions and Expulsions)

    Amended McDade ISD District of Innovation Plan for Renewal 2023-2028

    McDade ISD District of Innovation Plan  Ratification November 19, 2019

    McDade ISD District of Innovation Plan Adopted 5/15/18 (Amended 8/20/19)


The Texas Education Agency prepared Accountability Ratings for both a District and its campuses. There are three rating levels a district or campus can receive. The Accountability System has four measurements that provide a comprehensive evaluation of the entire campus or District: Student Achievement, Student Progress, Closing Performance Gaps, and Post-Secondary Readiness. 

For more information on the Accountability Rating System click on the link for the TEA website.