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2018-19 School Board Meeting Documents

pdf2019 5-21 Agenda and Board Packet pdf2019 5-21 Agenda and Board Packet pdf2019 - 5 -21 Agenda pdfBoard meeting with Students - 20190517 pdfAgenda May 2, 2019 pdf2019 4-23 Agenda pdf2019 - 05 -21 Agenda pdf2019 4 - 23 Agenda and Board Packet pdf2019-03-12 School Board Packet pdf2019-02-28 Board Packet pdf2019-02-28 Agenda pdfOath of Officer Win Harbison pdfOath of Officer Mark Dube pdfOath of Officer Jill Smith-Mott pdf2019-02-19 Board Packet pdf2019-02-19 Agenda pdf2019-02-07 Board Operating Procedures pdf2019-02-07 Agenda pdf2019-01-29 Signed Minutes of Meeting pdf2019-01-29 Agenda pdf2019-01-22 Signed Minutes of Meeting pdf2019-01-22 Agenda pdf2019-01-15 Signed Minutes pdf2019-01-15 Board Packet pdf2019-01-15 Regular Meeting Agenda pdf2019-01-15 Public Hearing Agenda pdf2018-12-11 Signed Minutes of Meeting pdf2018-12-11 Board Packet pdf2018-12-11 Regular Meeting Agenda pdf2018-12-11 Signed Minutes of Public Hearing pdf2018-12-11 Public Hearing Agenda pdf2018-12-07 Signed Minutes of Meeting pdf2018-12-7 Agenda pdf2018-11-16 Signed Minutes of Meeting pdf2018-11-16 Agenda pdf2018-11-13 Board Packet pdf2018-11-13 Regular Board Meeting Agenda pdf2018-11-13 Signed Minutes of Called Workshop pdf2018-11-13 Public Hearing Agenda pdf2018-11-08 Signed Minutes of Meeting pdf2018-11-08 Called Workshop Agenda pdf2018-10-16 Signed Minutes of Regular Meeting pdf2018-10-16 Signed Minutes of Called Workshop pdf2018-10-16 Board Packet pdf2018-10-16 Regular Board Meeting Agenda pdf2018-10-16 Workshop Agenda pdf2018-09-18 Regular Meeting Minutes pdf2018-09-18 Board Packet pdf2018-09-18 Regular Board Meeting Agenda pdf2018-09-18 Public Hearing Minutes pdf2018-09-18 Public Hearing Agenda